KOSED Quality Management System

Exact test resultsFind problems with a productWork on a solutionMonitor the process

High levels of quality management

Monitor a value (2 KPC) and make a report by Minitab. We have a Noise and Pull testing machines.

Unrivaled Technological prowess

Our company is internationally recognized as having the best technique.

Customizing designs to meet customer needs

We’re going to produce a perfect reactor sample in less time for you. All the value all the time.


Lets users enjoy outstanding performance at affordable prices. We can design a reactor whatever SIZE you need

After discussing your request with us, We will send the perfect sample to you ASAP. KOSED is top notch in service and advice. I guarantee you will be fully satisfied.

Welcome ! If you have any quesntions, feel free to ask us.

We can design a reactor whatever SIZE you need !


We are using the Mecmesin device to measure the pull force of our product’s cable. It gives us precise values and it has a helpful template we use in our reports

We test the pull force and create a report every month to send our customers.

Our test values manage by Minitab.

Minitab helps businesses increase efficiency and improve quality through smart data analysis.

About Us

Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality, and commitment to excellence in all we do.

We are glad you are here ! First off, let us introduce our company. KOSED has been a part of the reactor industry since 2000 in Korea. We make reactors for elevators, inverters and filters. We have 20 people divided into three teams: R&D, QC and Sales. Our team is packed with experience and knowledge of the industry

  • Service

    Once we identify your needs, we match you with a consultant who has the expertise to help you.

  • Innovation

    Our goal is to invent another reactor that will surprise our industry.

  • Quality

    We have a top notch quality management system.

  • Investment

    We choose to invest a large portion of our profits back into our company.

What we have patents

How to create a ellipse helical coil

We have a patent about how to wound edge wise coils. We are the first that invented it in Korea. Also we have various machine for manufacturing coils. More exact and safer.

How to create a ellipse helical coilPatent numberWikiTravel
Noise blocking transformer

Our noise blocking transformer is top-notch. A lot of people know KOSED NCT got performance and affordable price. We currently have been providing to communication industry.

Noise blocking transformerPatent numberMedia Wiki
Special bobbin type

This bobbin can lower the noise and temperature inside of a rector. Also we are able to produce our products safety, efficiently with it and also they have a nice performance.

Special bobbin typePatent’s pendingMax Mobilcom
Special core type

This core can lower core loss, acoustic noise and time to manufacture products. We have a lot of solutions to help you out. We simulate your order first and suggest the best way to you.

Special core typePatent’s pendingDoom Inc
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