Welcome at our Company

We are glad you are here. Let us introduce our company. Kosed has been a part of the reactor industry since 2000 in Korea. We make Noise cut transformers and reactors for elevators, inverters and filters.

We have 20 people divided into three teams: R&D, QC and Sales. Our team is packed with experience  and knowledge of the industry.

Our specialization and sales

QC (Quality Control)
Overseas export
Domestic market

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Young Soon Kwon


Young Soon Kwon is the CEO of KOSED. She is charge of the financial affairs. Thanks to her, KOSED can secure funding for future.
She has a professional mentality and she has the backing of members of KOSED.

Seok Kyu Lim

R&D Director of KOSED

Seok Kyu Lim is a R&D Director of KOSED. He has been researching about Reactors & Transformers for 26 years at KOSED. Also he holds more than 7 patents for reactors & transformers.
He is considered a leading expert in the area.

David Lim (Jong Hyeon Lim)

R&D Manager of KOSED

David Lim is a R&D Manager of KOSED. He is charge of the design field at KOSED. He has more than 2 patents for Reactors.
He is supporting Seok Kyu Lim (R&D Director) to further develop KOSED’s ability.

Do young Lim

Sales Director of KOSED

Do young Lim is a Sales director of KOSED.
He is in charge of the Sales & QC.

Cheong Kyu Lim

Technical adviser of KOSED

Cheong Kyu Lim is a Technical adviser of KOSED. He is in charge of the export division.