KOSED LOAD REACTORS (dv/dt Reactors)

KOSED load reactors work on the AC output side of frequency converters or other sensitive equipment in series to the electrical consumer. 

Load reactors, also known as dv/dt reactors, essentially protect the load, normally an electrical motor. It is an efficient way to reduce the high voltage dv/dt caused by the power switching semiconductors within the drive converter. The protection of motor insulation from premature aging and destruction results in a significantly increased life time of all motor drive systems.

LOAD (dv/dt Reactors) REACTORS

Three-phase dv/dt Reactor for Efficient Motor Protection

  • Reduction of drive output voltage dv/dt
  • Reduction of motor temperature
  • Reduced converter pulse load
  • Increase of motor service life
  • Compact and economic open frame design

Operating voltage

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Motor frequency

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Motor cable length

440 Volts, 50/60 Hz (Open type)

This price is not exact. only awareness. Thank you.

CodeTypeVoltage (V)Inductance (mH)Current (A)Net ($)Availability
1 Load Reactor4401.219$60Upon Request
2 Load Reactor4400.5825$78Upon Request
3 Load Reactor440Upon Request
4 Load Reactor440Upon Request
5 Load Reactor440Upon Request
6 Load Reactor440Upon Request
7 Load Reactor440Upon Request