DC Link chokes are for making the intermediate circuit current smooth and for reduction of mains interference with voltage intermediate circuit inverters, improvement of efficiency of inverter, (passive Power Factor Correction).
DC Link chokes are typically connected to the semiconductors on the DC bus of converters, inverters and variable frequency drives (VFD).

  • Temperature Class: Class H
  • Inductance Tolerance: +10/-30% @DC-Bias 100A
  • Inductance @20kHz: 0.4mH +/-5% @DC-Biasless
  • Ripple frequency: up to 15 kHz
  • Ripple current: 20% max
  • Cooling Type: AN

DC-Link Chokes (2 Circle Lines)

CodeTypeRated Voltage
Rated Inductance
Rated Current
Net ($)Availability
1DC- (2 Circle Lines) 8000.086278145Upon Request
2DC- (2 Circle Lines) 8000.078328147Upon Request
3DC- (2 Circle Lines) 8000.059407174Upon Request
4DC- (2 Circle Lines) 8000.0515464184Upon Request
5DC- (2 Circle Lines) 8000.044541206Upon Request
6DC- (2 Circle Lines) 8000.0395606210Upon Request

Technical Data