Drive Engineering

Variable Speed Drives, (VSD) are often referred to as Frequency Drives or Inverter Drives and Drive Engineering is often used by Systems Designers, Systems Integrators, Panel Builders and Control Systems manufacturers to refer to their implementation in a Power Drive System or PDS.

Drive EMC and Drive Power quality are key areas of drive engineering and REO work with its customers to supply EMC filters, Bookcase filters, footprint filters, Input chokes, motor chokes, harmonic chokes, harmonic filters, sinewave and sinusoidal filters to ensure compliance to EN61800-3.

Variable Speed Drives are used for motor control in applications like cranes, lifts, control & automation, railway traction and HVAC or heating ventilation and air conditioning. They are becoming more widely used in renewable markets, like solar, wind and wave energy too.

KOSED Products Info

AC Reactors

AC Line & Load Reactors.

Improved power quality, enhanced productivity and complete peace of mind are easy with KOSED Reactors.

  • Best-in-class line/load reactors
  • Most robust, highest continuous service factor
  • Low watts loss
  • Performance and durability that is unmatched by the competition
DC link chokes

Use KOSED DC Link Chokes to:

  • Reduce AC input line harmonics
  • Help meet IEEE-519 limits
  • Absorb voltage/current spikes
  • Reduce AC ripple on DC bus
  • Reduce dv/dt and di/dt rates
  • Solve nuisance over-voltage tripping
  • Reduce DC Bus transient over-voltage
dv/dt chokes

With KOSED dv/dt reactors, you get the most advanced motor protection in its class.

  • True common mode reduction, peak voltage protection, and rise time reduction
  • World leading motor protection technology in the market
  • Low watts loss
  • Small, advanced, robust design, easily installed
  • Quiet as a conversation
  • Three-year warranty