Power supply

KOSED offer powerful solutions for the audio industry.

Our Noise cut transformer is Electronic or electroconductive noise transmitted through electrostatic defects, electromagnetic coupling or impedance coupling in a commercial power source is shielded or attenuated to prevent malfunction or damage of the electronic device due to electrical noise and adverse effects on the power source side due to the reversible load Therefore, the protection and stabilization of the system is a transformer.

KOSED Products Info

AC Reactors

AC Line & Load Reactors.

Improved power quality, enhanced productivity and complete peace of mind are easy with KOSED Reactors.

  • Best-in-class line/load reactors
  • Most robust, highest continuous service factor
  • Low watts loss
  • Performance and durability that is unmatched by the competition
DC-Link Chokes

Use KOSED DC Link Chokes to:

  • Reduce AC input line harmonics
  • Help meet IEEE-519 limits
  • Absorb voltage/current spikes
  • Reduce AC ripple on DC bus
  • Reduce dv/dt and di/dt rates
  • Solve nuisance over-voltage tripping
  • Reduce DC Bus transient over-voltage
dv/dt Reactors

KOSED load reactors work on the AC output side of frequency converters or other sensitive equipment in series to the electrical consumer.

Load reactors, also known as output reactors or dv/dt reactors, essentially protect the load, normally an electrical motor. It is an efficient way to reduce the high voltage dv/dt caused by the power switching semiconductors within the drive converter. The protection of motor insulation from premature aging and destruction results in a significantly increased life time of all motor drive systems.